Conceptual Images Publishing is a startup independent small press, devoted to publishing and promoting a handful of incomparable authors. Our specialty is fiction, although we have several up-and-coming non-fiction books in the early stages of development.

Coming Soon, we will be launching our newest publication, Dragons and Dragonflies, a printed (and electronic) art and literary magazine. Our newest endeavor will feature art, short stories, poetry, interviews and reviews with established, as well as authors and artists on the cusp of greatness. Be sure to check out our newest publication and be the first to discover the exceptional artistic talent of this, and the next, generation.

What makes us different? By limiting our resources to a select few, we are committed to publishing and promoting a variety of authors with diverse subject matter—from historical fantasy to professional dog training. As a small startup press, we are excited about giving new authors a chance to grow with us, instead of getting lost in the masses of a large commercial publishing house. We at Conceptual Images Publishing appreciate you, and look forward to working with new and established talent.

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Sons Of AvalonSons of Avalon:
Merlin's Prophecy

by Dee Marie

Chaos ensues as Rome abandons Britain, leaving native Britons alone to defend their shores from the growing Saxon invasion.

Set in 5th Century Britain, this retelling of the traditional legends of Merlin, King Arthur, and Avalon, blends a mixture of historical fact with Arthurian fantasy.

Refreshingly innovative, the tale spans the mysterious birth of Merlin, climaxing with the conception of Arthur—the legendary future king of Britain.

A young Merlin advises three High Kings: to fight through the bedlam, fight for the right to rule, fight to save the future treasure of Britain!

Interlacing love, revenge, mystery and murder, with a dash of humor, this coming of age adventure is a guide through the shrouded tales that embrace the Sons of Avalon.

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